Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The House With a Clock in its Walls First Trailer

Here is the first trailer for The House With a Clock in the Walls based on a young adult horror novel published in 1973. The premise is that a young orphan (it's always an orphan isn't it?) named Lewis goes to live with his uncle in a foreboding house that hides a dangerous secret borne of some very dark magic.

It's been practically raining young adult adaptations of all sorts since the muggle world discovered the Harry Potter films in 2001 but to be fair each one deserves it's own chance. Cate Blanchett and Jack Black are always winners in my book. This looks gorgeously filmed and while whimsical and magical come to mind, there is also a dark, creepy vibe. The House With a Clock in the Walls is set to premier September 21st.