Thursday, April 19, 2018

Marrowbone Review

My last post was a preview of Marrowbone which had quite intrigued me and I promised to write about it since it was being released for rental on iTunes this past weekend. Sorry for the delay but this was bit of a conundrum. I really needed to sort out the good and bad thoughts on this movie

I'll keep the plot details lite because describing Marrowbone is fraught with spoilers. Set in 1969, Marrowbone tells the story of a woman and her children who have moved from the UK to the United States to make a new start and escape from a public scandal and a monstrously abusive husband. The mother succumbs to health problems and before dying, she makes the oldest son promise he will keep her death a secret so that the family can stay together until he is old enough to be a legal guardian. At this point the movie skips ahead 6 months and drops the viewer into a tense atmosphere filled with dark secrets and a possible sinister presence haunting the children.

So, why was I so conflicted about his movie? Mainly because at times I felt like I was wondering around the dark, shadow filled Marrowbone house following breadcrumbs that promised an ominous reveal. However each path only led to more questions which can be pretty frustrating. Too many sub plots begin to trip over each other and by the time everything is made clear, you may be confused enough to find the ending unbelievable and irritating. However my final thought is that I am definitely not sorry to have watched Marrowbone. The acting on all parts is fantastic. The whole look of the movie is designed really well to feel like a dark fairy tale. Also it's not traditional horror so you have plenty of creepy, hold your breath moments that don't lead to cheap thrills.

Marrowbone will probably suffer from some bad reviews and not garner a lot of attention; however I give Marrowbone a B and will say give it a chance.