Sunday, March 25, 2018

Deadpool 2 First Full Trailer

Everybody's favorite self referencing, disgustingly violent, polyamorous hero with a face only a mother could love is back. This time Deadpool is perhaps teaming up with the time traveling Cable (Josh Brolin) and a host of slightly recognizable X-Men characters to save an emerging young mutant. I do find it funny that they are using Cable because if you are a X-Men comic book fan, you'll know he is usually a character full of angst and high drama. However I would also challenge anybody to head over to Wikipedia and read his time travel twisted and convoluted history without at least a chuckle at how anyone can keep all of it straight. With that aside though, everything looks just as expected; so good vibes all around for this sequel.

Deadpool 2 bursts onto the screen May 18th.