Friday, January 5, 2018

Winchester Full Trailer

Music with high pitch crashing chords, blood running down the walls and a dead eyed child creepily singing an otherwise innocent song. These are all the makings of a good horror movie preview. Winchester spins a made up story about a very real person and place. Sarah Winchester, heir to her husband's fortune from the Winchester rifle, began building this house in 1894 and it went on almost continuously until her death in 1922.

As the story goes, she built this rambling confusing house on the advice of a medium who said it could be used to contain ghosts of all those killed by the Winchester rifle. No discernible floor plan, staircases leading to nowhere, false doors - all of these were meant to confuse the ghosts and trap them (and their thirst for vengeance) in the house.

Starring Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook and Jason Clark, Winchester premiers February 2nd.