Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Red Sparrow Trailer #2

It is not my most original thought to say that when I saw the first Red Sparrow trailer in September of last year (yeah that's right it's 2018), I thought "Why is Jennifer Lawrence playing the Black Widow in a movie called Red Sparrow?". Many a Marvel fan have been asking the same thing. The similarities between Lawrence's character and Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel movies are unmistakable and fans have been clamoring for a stand alone Black Widow movie.... now they have it but not really.

My worries are actually removed from the whole Black Widow question. I am generally a Jennifer Lawrence fan and Red Sparrow looks like a perfectly decent thriller. However it's not exactly covering any new territory. I don't even have to go for the obvious and bring up the Bourne era. This reminds me too much of Point of No Return (1993 starring Bridget Fonda) which was itself a remake of a 1990 French film called La Femme Nikita. Don't get me started on remakes. Good luck Red Sparrow. I think you might need it.


ThatSashaJay said...

I loved how every comment under the trailer was 'Black Widow' but I'll honestly watch anything with Jennifer Lawrence in haha!!

Mocking Movies said...

I'm a big fan too and I'm sure this will be a good movie. On the plus side, I've read that the buzz about this movie is moving the Black Widow movie forward.

Alex Kevin said...

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Robert Smith said...

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