Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mute - A Netflix Original

Looking through new trailers and realized I had two Paul Rudd options. The big Marvel production of Ant Man and the Wasp or Mute, a much more mysterious offering from Netflix. I'm always more drawn to the unknown; so I decided to write about Mute.

This trailer is heavy on atmosphere but not so much on plot. The official synopsis is that in the near future a man who cannot speak dives deep into the seedy underbelly of Berlin to find his missing girlfriend. I like it. Visually it's obviously giving a nod to movies like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell (hopefully without being redundant). While reading about this movie, I did find one big plus. Mute is directed by Duncan Jones who also did Moon (2009) and Source Code (2011). I thoroughly love both movies and don't turn down an opportunity to watch them again. Even more exciting, Duncan has said that Mute is set in the same universe as Moon and Source Code. The words "shared universe" make my heart beat a bit faster.

With an impressive cast of Alexander Skarsgard, Justin Theroux, Sam Rockwell, Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd's mustache, fingers are crossed that this will be a high point on the roller coaster ride that is Netflix originals. Mute will premier on Netflix February 23rd.