Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mom and Dad - Hell Hath No Fury Like the Suburbs

Happy New Year everyone! Now that the "make merry" days of family get togethers are over, I thought it was safe to share this intirguing preview for Mom and Dad - a trippy, dark horror/satire starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair that will be released January 19th.

The premise seems to be that parents world over are suddenly transformed into psychopaths intent on killing their children. Definitely not for everyone but the preview has caused some buzz because it checks off all the boxes for a twisted, fun ride hiding a bit of social satire. Oh and there's Nicolas Cage who is being described as the crazy Nicholas Cage we love and love to hate at the same time. The important question : Does the preview use up all the clever flip the script ideas? "Gosh teens are horrible human beings" and "Tough love is the way to go" will only stretch so far.

My opinion? It's all about Nicholas Cage's hair. For me, longer is generally a bad sign; so he's got that going for him. I'm talking about Next longer, not Con Air longer. Who knows? Maybe this will be just awful enough in a way that slowly transforms it into a cult classic.


Rondoview said...

I liked your take on all the movies, hopefully i will see these movies one day.