Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Beast of Burden Trailer - Starring Daniel Radcliffe

The trailer for Beast of Burden was trending on IMDB yesterday; so I gave it a look and that got me to thinking about the career path of Daniel Radcliffe. Since his alter ego had that last showdown with Voldemort, Radcliffe has made some interesting and bold choices that have shown him to be a talented actor with a lot of range. He has played a gay social revolutionary of the Beat Generation (Kill Your Darlings), a murder suspect who begins growing devil horns on his forehead (Horns) and a corpse on the adventure of a lifetime (the wonderfully weird Swiss Army Man). Now he's playing a reluctant drug mule caught in the middle between the long arm of the law and his drug cartel handlers.

Beast of Burden also stars Grace Gummer and Pablo Schreiber, who after seeing him in American Gods is becoming a new favorite. I hope this is not a bad sign but the only release date I could find was a non specific February 2018.