Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mortal Engines Teaser Trailer

Many years after the "Sixty Minute War," cities survive a now desolate Earth by moving around on giant wheels attacking and devouring smaller towns to replenish their resources.

A new epic saga by Peter Jackson? After spending approximately 20 hours at the theater for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the hobbit movies, I'm not sure I can clear enough of my schedule. Based on a four book series by Phillip Reeve, this looks like it could be another long one. Who am I kidding? This small taste has left me wanting more.

Jackson, a very busy man, has been wanting to adapt this since 2009 and now we have our first teaser trailer. Starring Hugo Weaving, Stephen Lang, Robert Sheehan and Jihae, Mortal Engines is set to premier in December 2018.