Tuesday, August 31, 2010

City Island - I have not had this much fun watching people yell at each other since an unfortunate 1989 family Christmas

Just a quick note to let you in on a recent release that rescued my movie watching options this weekend. After a dismal experience with J Lo's "The Back-Up Plan", I saw "City Island" at Red Box and remembered taking note of the trailer. The story here is of the middle class Rizzo family living in the working class neighborhood of City Island in the Bronx. It stars Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies ( oh how I miss ER) along with a wonderfully played side character courtesy of Emily Mortimer. The conflict that drives this small dysfunctional family comedy is that each member of the Rizzos is hiding a  secret. The secrets are from the mundane to the silly and not always to the character's credit.  The reason this movie works is that even though we may not like everybody, the characters are all endearing even in the midst of their faults; so check out "City Island" if it's not already on your movie radar.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Wes! I do hope you enjoy being your new age. As you know, I hit that benchmark age earlier this year and can say that it's quite interesting. Please let me know how your birthday goes. I hope you enjoy every joy and happiness on your special day.
Love, Em

Mocking Movies said...

Thanks, Emily!
Stop by more often and let me know what you think.

Jordan Ruimy said...

Bah, I remember watching this movie and thinking to myself "Gee, is this how they really are in Jersey?" lol I'm following ur blog, hope you can do the same with mine :))

Unknown said...

yap i nvr forgot ur which i had seen nd thinking its a rocking performance