Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse - three down and only one more to go ( thank you!!)

After seeing "Twilight: Eclipse" I had to watch a whole block of "Tru Blood" episodes just to remind myself that vampires are sexy, dark and bloody.  I am going to leave you with just a couple of thoughts about why I am saddened by the decision to see this one in the theater, a mistake I assure I will not make for the fourth. Robert Pattinson would rightly be said to carry the burden of male vampire sex appeal in this series. With that in mind, perhaps someone should have pointed out that a scrunched up "I small something nasty" face is not sexy especially for two hours. I recently saw him in  "Remember Me" which exceeded expectations and I must say he played the dark, brooding but always earnest bad boy very well. While were on this subject we might as well go ahead and say that Taylor Lautner's shirtless, "well defined" (bad pun, sorry) acting style in "Eclipse" tipped over into cheesiness of the worst sort. In a moment of self referencing humor, Edward even quips, "Does he own a shirt?".
"Eclipse" does offer up more action but undercuts itself with some not so special effects not to mention the fact that Twilight vampires when killed look like nothing more than empty mannequins. Maybe this is in line with the books, I don't know, but it was bloodless (even for PG13) and cold. The villain we have been waiting on in the form of Victoria once again has scant screen time and (spoiler!!) dies one of the cold, bloodless deaths. Can someone also explain Bryce Dallas Howard's bad choice of wigs?
I did say just a couple of thoughts so I will leave you with my last complaint. Bella's fragile nature is played up to the point of absurdity.  She really needs to be made into a vampire before she dies in some horrible toe stubbing accident.


gazaar said...

This was by far the worst of the 3, and pointless as well. The only real purpose of this movie (besides box office sales) is to introduce the "imprinting" element, which is fundamental to one of the plot twists in the final book. All the rest, the back stories of supporting characters, the barely ever there villainess, and countless other horribly weak story elements are simply unnecessary - even in the books this was the case!

Mocking Movies said...

So you agree with me? That gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. :-)
Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely waiting for the DVD on number 4. This has been such a blah summer movie season that I don't know if I can take much more disappointment. I haven't seen Inception yet and I'm hoping it lives up to the hype and good reviews.