Sunday, May 18, 2014

Netflix Roulette, it's not as scary as ChatRoulette...but hey it's only day one

So I let pick a movie today and dedicated myself to watching it no matter the result. It came up with a 2007 offering from New Zealand called Eagle vs Shark starring Loren Taylor (completely unfamiliar with her) and Jemaine Clement (a founding member of Flight of the Conchords!). We have here the story of Lily and Jarrod. She works a dour job at a fast food restaurant called Meaty Love with rude, disdaining co-workers and meal combo names that will make vegetarians nauseous (if you're a Buffy fan, think Doublemeat Palace). Lily is seeking some type of human connection and is crushing hard on frequent customer, Jarrod. He can be summed up with the words, mullet, mole and overcompensation (tried to think of a 3rd word starting with "m" but to no avail). She finally gets her chance to pounce at a party hosted by Jarrod and his odd collection of friends where the theme is that everyone dresses as their favorite animal. Lilly, in a move of blatant symbolism, goes as a shark. You'll have no trouble guessing Jarod's costume.

What follows is a relationship with Lily in hot pursuit of something meaningful from Jarod who hides every real emotion behind a clumsily assembled front of fake bravado. The relationship plummets and then is saved literally seconds before the credits. Pretty standard fare.

If too much sugar can rot your teeth, then I think too much quirkiness in a movie damages your sense of irony. I would've enjoyed this movie more if I had seen it in 2007 before watching so many movies with the same deadpan, "it's all so absurd" premise. The soundtrack is great, there are some one-liners that will stick with you and the animal costume party is clever & funny (including Jason Gann in his Wilfred costume which spawned Australian and American TV shows). One last note, the director of this movie is Taiki Waititi, a name I did not recognize, until I realized he directed another New Zealand produced movie called Boy (2010) which is well worth your time. I'll post a link about that movie below.

Boy - IMDB page