Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thor teaser trailer!!

I like it! Dark, moody, nods to the classic but updates the look, Natalie Portman (never a bad idea)  = success (?). I sure hope so.


Matthew K. said...

Nice. A few months ago some were cracking on the set and costume designs, but (as usual) Marvel knows excatly what it's doing.

Mocking Movies said...

I was leery too because what I read made me feel they were skewing toward the classic Thor look instead of The Ultimate version. I love the classics but they don't always translate well to the big screen. You're right about Marvel. They are building a good foundation, so far, to make an eventual Avengers movie the success that it needs to be.

Jodene said...

This looks brilliant! I'm a girl so I think it's gonna be a success just because the super hero is so hot ... tee hee!
Thank for sharing this, it's great to have a movie to look forward to even if we get it in South Africa about 2 months later!

Mocking Movies said...

It never hurts when your hero is eye candy. :-)

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