Thursday, December 23, 2010

Always Show Up In Time to See the Trailers, It's the polite thing to do..

Random thoughts on the trailers I saw before "Tron: Legacy".

-"The Eagle" - starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. Looks ok but only ok. I'm a big fan of Billy who did the "bally" all grown up but can take Channing Tatum or leave him in the acting department. The trailer wasn't interesting enough to keep my over active mind from renaming this movie "When the Blue Man Group Attacks!!"

-"Rio" - I'm really over self-referencing, hip, animated talking animal movies. Jessie Eisenberg seems to be channeling just about every other Jessie Eisenberg character, just animated this time. The 3D trailer was cool though when the Christ the Redeemer statue reached off the screen and practically slapped me in the face.

-"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" - What to say? The first in this franchise was light, fun and even original. The 2cd and the 3rd were loaded down with too many characters, too many special effects and too many plot points. Is this scaled back? toned down? They've obviously jettisoned two important characters to give us more Depp, Depp and Depp but it does not look like a film franchise going back to it's roots.