The Popular Kids

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So Hollywood writers are all using the same plot generating software now?

These three previews were back to back today when I went to see "Due Date" ("No Strings Attached", "Love and Other Drugs", "Just Go With It" respectively). All three are essentially the same story - casual sex is great so I'm not looking for love + uh oh love found me + what hilarious hijinks and teary eyed drama will ensue as I work out this internal conundrum.  In fairness to these three,  "No Strings Attached" looks the best if only because Natalie Portman has the potential to rise above it all.  Usually Jake might win out but I guess I'm shallow because I'm hating his hair in this movie.
Thank the movie gods for the beautifully dreary "Sucker Punch" trailer that followed.