The Popular Kids

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend DVD roundup

Jeff had not seen "Sherlock Holmes" so that was our rental for the weekend. No new thoughts really. After leaving the theater when I originally saw it I had tweeted that it was Tony Stark for the Victorian age with the only real chemistry being between Holmes and Watson ( my friend Joe summed it up as bromance). I enjoyed the visual tricks used to show Holmes as a genius driven to deduce ( much like Stark is driven to invent) whose mind is flooded with details he cannot filter. The Guy Ritchie manic style and a steampunk vibe made this a good theater experience. However, on a second viewing I realized it was a been there done that type of movie that I didn't need to add to my collection at home. l can't resist saying that I am glad the ex Mr. Madonna is making successful movies again and I say that as a fan of both Guy Ritchie and Madonna.