Monday, April 12, 2010

The universe and my own unique inability to waste time has been keeping me out of the theater lately; so I have been watching some old favorites when I have the chance. Today that chance came in the form of 2002's "Dummy" on IFC. I love movies populated by geeks, freaks and losers and "Dummy" definitely fits the bill. Adrien Brody plays Steven, our lovable but completely inept hero who living with his parents and jobless decides to pursue his secret dream of ventriloquism. Brody does a fantastic job inhabiting this awkward guy and also bringing to life his alter ego, the dummy. Of course, it always helps to throw a clunky pair of glasses on the good looking guy a'la Clark Kent. Great performances also by Illeana Douglas as Steven's sister who lives at home too, blames everybody else for her problems, but realizes she's too old to be asking, "Mom can I please borrow the car today".

Some of my biggest praise though goes to Milla Jovovich. She is Fangora (Fanny), Steven's loud obnoxious punk wannabe friend. Think of the person who talks too loud in public and drops the F bomb. You know, the person who might make you regret the eco-friendly decision to use public transportation. I don't think I have enjoyed her so much in a movie besides maybe my first encounter in "The Fifith Element". I hope maybe there is less 3D action zombie movies in her future and maybe something more like "Dummy"

In the end it all works out for our geeks, freaks and losers. Steven in some self medication works out his issues via the dummy and lands his love interest(Vera Farmiga). Fangora channels her anger through punk klezmar music. I don't think I can describe it; so check out this YouTube clip (
Even Steven's sister lets go of her excuses and seems to find her footing. That's the magic of movies because let's face as interesting as characters like these are in movies, knowing them in the real world can be a bitch.