Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our friends David and Michelle re introduced us last night to the concept of watching a movie so bad it's fun with the original 1959 "House on Haunted Hill". The all too familiar plot is that a sadistic millionaire(Vincent Price) and his equally evil, greedy wife are hosting a party at an infamous haunted house with a $10,000 reward for whoever survives the entire night locked in the house. Vincent Price and Carol Ohmart as his wife are fantastic. Price for some reason pronounces the word "party" as "partay" throughout the entire movie and Ohmart works a fierce blond glamour mullet ( I could not find this as a yet classified mullet; so I may have discovered a new one!). The movie moves bravely forward as the party guests drink enough to get sloppy drunk and scream a lot. Better yet the host gives them guns. Think of it as an early trial run of Tennessee's "guns in bars law". The "special effects" and I use that term loosely, are a sight to behold with the biggest effect being carried out with a dancing skeleton. Check this movie out definitely because with all said and done it is better than the dismal 1999 remake. Next week we might continue the trend and tackle, "Werewolf in the Girl's Dormitory".


m36 said...

Or we could watch "Don't go into the Basement" or "Carnival of Souls". We have about 30 of these black and white gems....I'm just sayin' might be a whole new area for you to review.

Mocking Movies said...

Great idea.. We'll have to brainstorm..