Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally got around to watching "Black Dynamite" and just in time because my friend Joe was about to revoke my membership in the cool kid's club. Not much I can say really that has not already been said about this all too funny spoof of the 70's blaxploitation genre. Everything you are looking for is here - character names like Cream Corn and Afrodite, lots of over the cliff exploding cars, good lovin' , purposely bad production values and a killer confrontation on Kung Fu Island. The best though is saved for the end when "the man" is finally revealed in a fight scene you must see to believe. So jump into this movie with a cry of "Not the orphans" and I promise it will go down smooth like Anaconda Malt Liquor.


Chris said...

I recommend seeing the intro to Black Belt Jones to see what a great job Michael Jai White did at channeling the essense of Jim Kelly.

Mocking Movies said...

That was fantasitc. Thanks for sharing.