Friday, April 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans Epic trailer - bargain bin movie? I'm afraid so...

With a title like this I had better have some reasons for really not liking "Clash of the Titans"; so here is my best attempt to list my disappointment:

-I wanted more Greek gods. The opportunities thrown away by not using even Hera are mind boggling ( to me).

-A messy miss mash of throw away characters. I never connected with Perseus whose angst should be driving the story. Andromeda is boring although I did enjoy her drunk father and drag queen like mother. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't "the end is near" prophet in Argos remind you of someone who was headed to Bannaroo and took a wrong turn?

-Clunky special effects. I am not an expert on this. When effects are done well, I know it and enjoy. When they're not I recognize that too. Large scale CGI like the Kraken looked good but smaller effects like Medusa didn't blend well. Worse yet, on the ferry ride to the underworld, Charon ( hope I have that right, anyway the guy guiding the ferry) looked practically animatronic.

-Too much action at the expense of story. I hardly felt we were in the theater for 118 minutes because one fast action sequence moved quickly to another with very little downtime. I need the downtime if not to connect to the characters, then to at least feel that I am watching real people act and not just a CGI fest.

Ok, there it is. I'm pinning my hopes on next week's "Kick-Ass" for a good movie experience.


Mocking Movies said...

I was wrong ofcourse. "Kick-Ass" is not out until next week.. Not sure how I mixed up the dates....but this Friday is "The Runaways"