Saturday, March 6, 2010

What I learned from the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards

1) Everyone let out a sigh of relief. It turns out it's ok to make fun of "Precious". John Waters while presenting laid out his idea for a tasteless remake called "Son of Precious". We love John Waters, and don't worry Precious still owned the night in wins.

2)Lay off the Brit hosts for a while. Jonathan Ross was lame at the BAFTAs, Ricky Gervais was so-so at the Golden Globes and Eddie Izzard continued the trend with humor that was just a tad too dry and intellectual. I think he needs to go back to his cross-dressing edgy days.

3)These awards ceremony had the most aggressive sponsor marketing I have ever seen. I would not have been surprised if he winners were required to brand a logo on their foreheads.

4)We love Woody Harrelson. 2009 was a great year for him with stand out roles in "Zombieland" and a win for a much more serious "The Messenger". Not to mention he was the only actor I wanted to listen to over the roar of useless CGI destruction in 2012. Let's hope he never stops smoking pot. If so, he might end up as boring as a sober Colin Farrell.

5)Honestly funny moment of the night. Patton Oswald who was nominated for "Big Fan" cuddling a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey (a sponsor of course) when the camera cut to him.

Nothing too exciting. See you tomorrow night for the big event.


m36 said...

"Let's hope he never stops smoking pot." Here, here! Woody just wouldn't be the same if he tried to go really legit. He must get a raging case of 1AM munchies a lot.......

Mocking Movies said...

Well my new campaign is to get Collin Ferrel to have a drink ( or two).