Saturday, February 27, 2010

Were soccer players in the 70's really that unattractive?

I thought I would do a quick blurb on The Damned United because it is out on DVD now and is the type of movie that may be overlooked but shouldn't be. The chameleon like Michael Shean plays Brian Clough who for 44 days was manager of the Leeds United soccer team in England. I'm not a fan of soccer (you won't have to be to enjoy this movie either) and can't vouch for the complete accuracy of this story but this movie was brilliant. Brian Clough seems to have been a very complicated and contentious person. The story of how he went from a rising star to being fired after only 44 days is fascinating.Michael Shean has gained real acclaim playing real people as evidenced by The Queen and Frost/Nixon. He does the job beautifully here again. Not to be overlooked either is Timothy Spall who plays Clough's business partner and lifelong friend, andy yes Timothy Spall is the weasly evil Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter. You may wonder about my title. Well my only real reference to mondern soccer is an appreciation for the sexy David Beckham; so I was a bit rattled at how disheveled and even out of shape many of the players portrayed in the movie looked. Go ahead call me shallow.