Monday, February 22, 2010

James Cameron you may rule Hollywood but here you can suck it

Things I learned from BAFTA
1) A cardboard cut out would have been a better host.
2) Mickey Rourke rules. He went rouge in ways Sarah Palin can only imagine and delivered the line of the night, "Do you want it bareback or with a raincoat?"
3)Vanessa Redgrave can deliver a speech like no other and with the future king of England standing next to her who would cut her off.
4) Kristen Stewart must be playing Kristen Stewart in all of her movies. That shy awkward stuttering "thing" is really her. She won the rising star award which is voted on by the public. She seemed to be saying, "why did I win this? Oh wait I know, it's you crazed Twilight fans that now control my life"
5)People who win an award for costume design will always be wearing the worst outfit.